Best Schools in Islamabad Pakistan (Ranking 2024)

15 Best Schools in Islamabad 2023

Here is the updated list of top schools in the capital city of Pakistan. This list helps you to choose a better institute for your child. Education is a way of changing one’s life, so we must recognize its importance. Early education is vital because a strong base will help your child complete an entire educational career efficiently and successfully.

If we talk about the best schools in Islamabad, many schools provide exceptional educational facilities to students. Here we have shared a list of the top 15 schools in Islamabad with their key features for better understanding, so just look below.

List of Best Schools in Islamabad 2024 Ranking:

  1. Army Public School & College
  2. Roots Millennium School
  3. BeaconHouse School System
  4. Treehouse School Islamabad
  5. Pak-Turk International School & College Islamabad
  6. The Smart School
  7. The City School
  8. SLS School Islamabad
  9. International Grammar School and College
  10. Preparatory School Islamabad
  11. Allied Schools Islamabad
  12. Froebel’s International School
  13. Schola Nova
  14. Dr. A. Q. Khan School System
  15. Lahore Grammar School Islamabad

1. Roots Millennium School:

Roots Millennium School is one of Pakistan’s most famous and well-known schools, with branches nationwide. It has provided educational facilities for the last 35 years and emphasizes learning with knowledge, skills, and strategies.

The Millennium education system primarily focuses on early education. So you can call it one of the best school systems for your child to get the best skills in the digital learning environment.

Key Points:

  • Roots Millennium School offers the best academic programs like robotics, STEM, entrepreneurship, German, performing arts, and many other latest programs.
  • This school system has the best and most well-trained team capable of transferring knowledge and skills to students.
  • Roots Millennium School is considered expensive in terms of fees and other charges.
  • The monthly fee of this school ranges from 15 K to 25 K.

2. BeaconHouse School System:

Beacon House School System was established in 1975 and was among Pakistan’s top-ranked educational systems. You will find branches of this school in all big cities. If we talk about Islamabad, they have many branches in the capital city where more than 50k students are getting an education.

Key Points:

  • Beacon House School System has the best infrastructure, as all branches have libraries, labs, gymnasiums, auditoriums, Art rooms, and auditoriums.
  • This school is also expensive, so the expected fee lies between 30 to 40K on all campuses of Islamabad.
  • It encourages and helps students to get a scholarships in universities around the globe.

3. Pak-Turk International School & College Islamabad:

Pak Turk International School & college Islamabad has 5 branches in Islamabad and is also considered a famous educational system. It has more than 13000 students and highly competent faculty. This school is the best example of Pakistani and Turkish friendship. This educational system aims to provide a progressive learning environment to the students so that they compete in all national and international educational competitions.

Key Points:

  • Your child will get an education under highly motivated and skilled faculty supervision.
  • It has branches all over Pakistan, and there are 5 branches in Islamabad.
  • The average expected fee of this school is 20k to 30k.

4. Treehouse School Islamabad:

Treehouse School Islamabad is another highly rated educational institution focusing on innovational and adaptive educational skills in the capital city. The school has highly qualified teaching faculty focusing on students’ creative skills.

Key Points:

  • Treehouse School Islamabad is developing fine inquiry-based learning skills in students with critical thinking qualities so that students can easily understand and go through the subjects.
  • The school has a very efficient security system to ensure the safety of students.
  • They offer preschool, middle school, and Red Oak high school admissions.
  • Treehouse also has a Daycare facility on the Islamabad campus.

5. Lahore Grammar School Islamabad:

Lahore Grammar School Private Limited also has branches in Islamabad, so if you are looking for top educational systems in the capital city of Pakistan, then it is also among them.

This school system provides a creative educational environment to the students where they can learn better to serve the nation in this era of technology.

Key Points:

  • Lahore Grammar School Private Limited offers Cambridge O-Level in its Islamabad campuses.
  • They have an advanced environment for providing vital educational skills.
  • This education system enhances students’ problem-solving, investigation, evaluation, and decision-making skills.
  • An estimated fee of Lahore Grammar School Islamabad is between 30K to 40K.

6. Army Public School & College (APS):

If we talk about Pakistan’s most famous and extensive educational network, it will be the same as Army Public Schools & Colleges System, also known as APS. This educational system has the best infrastructure and provides education in almost all areas of the country. Two hundred thirty schools are working under their control where more than 3 00,000 students are studying.

Key Points:

  • All schools have the best infrastructure and are well-equipped.
  • Army Public Schools and Colleges system has well-managed buildings with significant playgrounds.
  • They have uniform policies for all of their branches.
  • If we talk about the fee, then it ranges from 5 K to 10 K approximately.

7. The Smart School:

The Smart School System is revolutionizing the education system with its different educational approaches. They provide a blend of e-learning and traditional learning so students can learn all the concepts well.

This school system was established in 1978. Since then, they have provided the best education to the students. They also focus on grooming students with extracurricular activities and developing the best study and analytical skills.

Key Points:

  • Braches of this school system are available in more than 200 cities of Pakistan.
  • They have 400 plus campuses, and in Islamabad, currently, there are 13 campuses available.
  • It is also an extensive educational network with more than 1 00,000 students.
  • The Smart School System Islamabad fee ranges from 10 K to 15 K.

8. The City School:

The City School also has branches in Islamabad, and they have been working since 1978. This school system pays special attention to the knowledge-based learning of students so that they can quickly transform their knowledge into practical skills.

They have well quality inspection and assurance system to monitor the performance of faculty and students. The City School is also providing its excellent educational facilities in many countries of the world.

Key Points:

  • It has the best environment, with well-equipped classrooms and labs.
  • It has big playgrounds that ensure the physical and mental grooming of students.
  • The City School is also conducting youth leadership programs to develop the best communication, creativity, and team-building skills among students.
  • The monthly fee in Islamabad campuses of The City School ranges from 15 thousand to 20 thousand per month.

9. SLS School Islamabad:

Sadeeqa’s Learning System (SLS) is another impressive education system that has worked since 1982. It has 3 campuses in Islamabad, providing the best education facilities in the capital city.

SLS Schools Islamabad has significant buildings with libraries, computer and science labs, swimming pools, playgrounds, and other essential infrastructure.

Key Points:

  • A well-known educational system with highly skilled faculty.
  • Availability of all necessary facilities to improve the skills of students.
  • Focuses upon the learning of students by improving their analytical and critical thinking skills.
  • They have a strong educational network with branches in twin cities.
  • The average fee in the SLS school system ranges from 6 K to 10 K per month.

10. International Grammar School and College:

International Grammar School and College systems offer preschool, elementary school, and high school courses on their campuses in the capital city. They have introduced the British schooling system on their campuses and offer famous international qualifications like A-levels, GCE, and IGSCE.

This school was established in 1982, and since then, they have been striving hard to provide the best skills to students to meet the challenges of the current century. School is organizing events in Pakistan and abroad to build the best communication and learning skills in students.

Key Points:

  • International tours for the students to familiarize them with other countries education systems.
  • ICG has a single campus in Islamabad, providing the best educational facilities to meet the educational challenges.
  • They use the latest technologies and intelligent learning techniques to understand students better.
  • International Grammar schools and College systems charge 20 K to 30 K monthly fees.

11. Preparatory School Islamabad:

Preparatory School Islamabad is a private educational system established in 1990 in a diplomatic enclave. It is a well-organized and well-equipped educational institution where students get their education under the supervision of highly qualified and skilled faculty.

Key Points:

  • Preparatory School Islamabad has an extensive library from where students can borrow books to quench their thirst for education.
  • They have a big playground and classrooms to provide the best educational environment.
  • The teachers focus on knowledge-based learning.
  • It is a costly school, and students from wealthy families study in it.

12. Allied Schools Islamabad:

Allied Schools System has campuses in Islamabad where many students get their education. This school system ranked among the top 20 schools in the capital city of Islamabad. They have a strong educational system so that students can learn and practice their analytical and knowledge-based skills.

Key Points:

  • Allied Schools System ensures students’ ethical enrichment, personal growth, and personality development.
  • They have a caring environment that is much more suitable for the early years of education.
  • The monthly fee ranges from 3 K to 5 K.

13. Froebel’s International School:

If you are looking for the best primary school in Islamabad, then you should visit Froebel’s International School because it has highly trained staff for primary students. With excellent labs, Art facilities, and a sports area, it is one of the best schools in Islamabad.

Key Points:

  • They focus on the personal grooming of students to become more independent, socially responsible, and well-educated. All primary and advanced educational facilities are available in the school.
  • The school has highly motivated and skilled faculty.

14. Schola Nova

Schola Nova School is situated in Islamabad. It is one of the best educational institutes in terms of facilities and capable staff. They have provided the best educational facilities since 1998, where students can learn in a relaxing and supportive environment.

Key Points:

  • They also provide life skills to the students to equip them with the tools necessary to meet current-century challenges.
  • They are also teaching sign language to the students so that they learn kindness and acceptance for all people living in the community.

15. Dr. A. Q. Khan School System:

Dr. A. Q. Khan School System is a project of Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan (Late) famous scientist in Pakistan. It is one of the top educational systems in Islamabad, where a team of the best teachers provides the best knowledge facilities.

They have spacious classrooms, extensive playgrounds, and well-equipped labs so that students can learn and practice their skills conveniently.

Key Points:

  • They have 7 campuses in different areas of Islamabad.
  • They aim to excel in the analytical and creative abilities of the students and engage them in different learning activities.
  • They provide the best educational facilities with a competitive fee structure.
  • The fee ranges from 6 K to 7 K monthly.

References and Ranking Evaluation:

We only include the schools that are registered with govt of Pakistan and have .edu domain names ( This domain can only be registered with the permission of the government of Pakistan. We are based in Islamabad and understand the education system and schools in the capital city. So along with the research, we use our own sources to evaluate the above list. Top references are given below from authentic resources and user opinions.

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