Book Keeping and Accountancy Code 311, Level Intermediate (FA / F.Sc/I.Com), AIOU Old Paper

Allama Iqbal Open University Past Papers Collection of Intermediate Level

Subject / Course : Book Keeping and Accountancy

Course Code : 311

Level / Program : Intermediate (FA)

Semester : Spring 2012

Medium : Both (English and Urdu)

View Paper in full screen, please click on the below images.

This is English Medium Paper 

Book Keeping and Accountancy in English


This is Urdu Medium Paper

311 inter mediate urdu medium paper

We Provide both versions of  course code 311 offered by AIOU in intermediate level. These are Spring 2012 papers, Soon we will update with latest papers. You may contact us for sample and guess papers.


  1. choudhry amir

    please provide me solution of level 1 semester 2013 code 311

    1) Assignment no 1,2,3,4
    2) Text book 1
    3) Assignment forms ( four sets )
    4) Shedule for submitting the assignments and tutorial meenting

    please sir i am waiting

  2. jameela aleem

    please provide me solution of i-com assignment coad 311 and 346 samester spring 2015
    exersice 1 2 3 4

  3. usman arif

    sub old paper kis website sa mala gay

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