Database-II Codes 3467 & 3504 – AIOU Old Papers Autumn 2013

Paper name : Database (Part 2)

Course Code : 3467 and 3504

Level : Bachelors – BCS / BS(CS)

Semester : Autumn 2013

Type : AIOU (Allama Iqbal Open University) Past Papers

This exam was held on June 2014 so its will be more helpful for 2014 and 2015 final examinations.

Aiou Old Papers Database II code 3467Database-II is also offered by AIOU University for BS Computer science students who selected software as specialized field. Normally in final year (7th semester). Mostly every paper has theoretical questions and one question is related to normalization scenario. Use this paper to understand the pattern of exam and you may be prepared previous 5 semesters papers for gaining good marks. Need more help for this subject ? Ask anything in comments.


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