Islamic Studies Past Guess Papers of Matric SSC Part 2 FBISE 2014

Class name  :- SSC  II / Matric

   Subject /  Course  : Islamiat / Islamic Studies

Name of Brd  :- Federal  Education

Category:-  Compulsory  ( Lazmi )

                                        Level :- Old ,  Sample , Model  papers , Supplementary exams. 

Paper Pattern of Islamic Studies : –

The Islamiat or in English it is Islamic Studies , both these are the name of one subject . This is not easier subject due to many ayat and Surah in your content . Surah Neefal and surah Ehzab are the longest Surah of your course . The papers below also a elective Islamic Studies known as Ikhtayari Islamic which is for humanities students . The paper have objective that is 1st portion of Islamiat 15 choose the correct answer of the following is the question . Then subjective turns which have have Q / Ans , Ahadith , translation of ayath and sometimes words meanings .

Info :-

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