Muslim History of Sub Continent Code 321 – AIOU Old Papers Spring 2013

Subject Name : Muslim History of Sub Continent (تاریخ مسلمانان برصغیر)

Course Code  : 321

Level : Intermediate (FA/F.Sc/I.Com)

Semester : Spring 2013 / Autumn 2013-14

Type : AIOU – Allama Iqbal Open University Old Papers are available here.

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Spring 2013 old paperCode 321 AIOU Old Paper Muslim History of Sub Continent FAThese paper surly helpful for you. Use these papers to find the best and important topics which may ask again in your paper. Understand the pattern of your exam. Please share your thoughts and questions in comments.



  1. Mian Mehran

    yaro kou guss paper he send lr do 321 code ka plz

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