Physics Guess Paper Class 9th 2015 (Punjab Boards)

Physics is interesting but difficult subject in the course of 9th class science students. Here we share some important guess paper (Important questions) on the basis of last 5 years final exams of different Punjab boards like Rawalpindi Board, Lahore Board, Gujranwala Board, Multan Board and other Punjab Boards of Educations. These important questions equally important for federal board but the pattern is slightly different for the students of FBISE.

See Model Guess paper of Physics Class 9th 2015 

These are helpful Questions / Topics. Mostly are short but some are long. Have look on it.

(Guess of physics for 9″‘ English medium)

Write the short answers of the following
1- Define position vectors?

2- What is plasma state and define plasma physics?

3- Define momentum and write its unit?

4- State head to tail rule of vector addition?

5-What do you know about center of gravity?

6- Define resolution of force fine system international of units?

8-define prefixes and give its example?

9- Difference ase and derive quantifies? Define inertia? Define fiiction? Define displacement and distance?

10- Define significant figures with examples?

11- Difference betw sc vectors?

12-Difference between mass and weight/? Define 3rd‘ law of motion.

13- A train moves with a uniform Velocity of 36′””h_‘ for 10s. distance traveled by it.

14- A force of 20 N moves a body with an acceleration o t is its nmss?

15- How much time is required to change 22 Ns momen orce of 20 N?

16- Find the acceleration produce by a force of 100 ss of 50 kg?

17- How much force is needed to prevent a body 10kg from falling?

18-Define torque write its unit?

20- Wh is m 1-Define equilibrium?

22- Define artificial satellites?

23-What d W about fossil fuel?

24-Difference between K.E and P.E? 2 are solar cells?

26- Define power with unit?

27 what do you mean by efficiency?

28- Define energy with ‘ unit? |e pressure and acceleration?

30-What is elasticity?

31- Differentiate between heat and temperature‘?

32-Define latent heat of i – What is evaporation? What is green house effect?

34- Define specific h f Qsubstance?

35-What is latent heat of evaporation?

36-What is a thermometer ?

37-Why metals are good conductor of heat?

38-What is convection current?

39-What are radiations?

40- How uld be vollmle of ice formed by freezing 1 liter of water?

41- what is meant by density write its unit?

42 -State Pascal law?

43-What is barometer?

44-What is field of force?

45-Define satellite?

46-What is 2″’ condition of equilibrium?

47- Find the pelpendicular components of a force of SON making an angle of 30° with x axis.48- Difference between renewable and non renewable source of energy?

49- Define watt?

5 0-A man pulled the cart of through 35 m applying a force of 300N. Find work done by man?

51- Normal human body temperature is 98.6F convert it into Celsius and Kelvin scale?

52- Temperature in a beaker is 50°C .what is its value in Fahrenheit height scale?

Guess Papers 2015 2015

Long Questions Guess Paper of Physics for Class 9th

(All Boards of Punjab):

Give answers in detail:

1- Prove 2nd equation of motion by using graphical method?
2- Your hair grows at the rate of lmm per day. Find their growth rate in nm”
3- Discuss the types of motion in detail and give their examples?
4- A chocolate wrapper is 6.7 cm long and 5.4 cm wide .calculate its area u tas able number
of significant figures?
5- Explain law of gravitation?
6- Explain law of conservation of momentum?
7- Write the Methods of reducing friction?
8- Give details of states of equilibrium?
9- Calculate mass of earth?
10- Explain law of gravitation? Calculate the value & ‘ght 3600 km above the surface of the
1 1- States and explain 2″‘ law of Newton’s and v%= ma.
12- Define and explain centripetal force? F =
13- Prove that K.E = 1/2 mvz? 6
14- States and explain Hook‘s law? gung modulus?
15- The head of pin is square of sid 0 .find the press1u’e on it due to a force of 20 N.
16- States and explain Pasc la Q
17- States and explain Ar gmciple?
18- Give uses of co uct n conductor?
19- Application and es of radiation?
20- How many wa fer of heat give their details?
21- Brief note o erliouse effect? Also explain global worming.
22- Calculat f pump which can lift 200g of water through a height of 6m in 10 seconds.
23- A car i g 20 N is lified 6m vertically upward calculate potential energy?
24- A ats moves at a steady speed of 4ms” water resistance acting on it is 4000N.calcualte
the 0 engine
25- satellite is launched at 850 km above earth. Find its orbital speed?
26- A communication satellite is laimched at 42000km above earth. Find its orbital speed?
27- The steering of a car has a radius l6cn1 .find torque by a couple of S0 N.
28- A force of l00N is applied perpendicular on a spanner at a distance of 10cm from nut find the
torque produced by the force‘?

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