Statistics Model /Guess / Past Papers HSSC-I – Federal Board 2014

Subject Name : Statistics (STATS)

Level : 11th Class – 1st Year / Intermediate – FA / I.Com / ICS / F.Sc

Year : 2013 – You can get help for exam preparations of 2014 – 2015

Board : FBISE – Federal Board

Type : Previous Year papers / Model Guess Paper

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Statistics HSSC_I Old Paper of class 11 Federal board 214 Statistics Past papers FBISE 2014 Page No 2Statistics Urdu + English federal board Model Guess papers 2014 Page No 3Statistics Model paper latest pattern paper new federal board pattern papers 2014 first yearStatistics is offered by Federal board in ICS and I.Com. It is not very difficult subject. It is nearly seems like mathematics but actually it has formulas, statements questions and theory is also included in the course of stats like definitions of different terminologies like probability. You can expert in this subject by solving more and more questions. It is same like maths, you need more practice and got idea where what formula fits to solve available problem.

From our side, Best of luck to all students of stats 🙂

I try my best to provide solution of these past year papers asap.


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