NED University Acceptance Rate, Ranking (2024)

NED University of Engineering and Technology Acceptance Rate, Ranking

NED University of Science and Technology is an academically excellent university with an overall acceptance rate of 40%. This confers the fact that students possessing a strong academic background have greater chances of acceptance.

About NED University:

The foundation of this university was laid in 1977 in the city of Karachi to promote engineering and technological advancements in our country. This university holds a large faculty of 566 which are currently teaching courses to approximately 13,000 students.

Ranking of NED University 2024:

 This institute is ranked 994 among all universities across the world according to the world QS ranking while at the top position based on research in various fields of engineering.

Key Aspects Details
Undergraduate programs (BS) 37% acceptance rate
Postgraduate programs (MPhil/MS) 20-30% acceptance rate
Scholarships available Merit scholarships

Devotion to Key Founding Aspects:

  • NED University was founded with a specific focus on engineering and technology education. It has since expanded to include programs in various engineering disciplines and other related fields. The university’s mission is to provide affordable and accessible engineering education while promoting research and innovation.
  • The university is involved in various research and development activities. Faculty and students are engaged in research projects that contribute to technological advancements and solutions for societal challenges.
  • NED University has played a significant role in producing engineers and technologists who have made substantial contributions to the industrial and economic development of Pakistan.
  • Over the years, NED University has undergone expansions and modernization efforts to keep pace with advancements in technology and educational practices.

Admission Opening And Requirements:

NED University opens admission once a year in the fall semester which allows students to apply once a year. The admission process starts in April and concludes in August.

The specific admission criteria for NED University are; 

Requirements Criteria
FSc  Minimum required is 60% 
SAT/ACT Test Vary depending upon the program
Interview If applicable

Is NED University Karachi a Good University?

Concerning engineering and technological sciences in Pakistan, this university appears to hold the top position and competes among the world’s top technological institutes. This university has a reputation because of its outstanding education, inspiring environment, and dedicated faculty members.

Can Fees be Paid After University Admission?

Admission fee must be paid on the day of admission/interview to be considered for admission. The admission fee may be in the form of cash or pay order/demand draft in favor of the Director of Finance, NEDUET.

Do I Have to Bring Any Other Documents on Admission Day?

No, you are required to bring your Admit Card for the Entry Test and Admission Fee as mentioned in the admission schedule.

What Are Some Tips for Increasing my Chances of Acceptance to NED University Karachi?

Here are some tips for increasing your chances of acceptance to NED University Karachi:

  • Get good grades in high school and college.
  • Get good scores on standardized tests such as the SAT or ACT.
  • Get involved in extracurricular activities.
  • Prepare for your interview (if required).

 Research the programs you are interested in and explain why you are a good fit for each one.



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