Computer Hardware Federal Board 9th Class SSC 1 Past Model Papers 2015

Standard :-  9th  , SSC Part ( I )

Paper is :- Computer Hardware

   Level  : Ninth Class 

Education :- F B I S E 

Category:- Past Samples  Papers ,  Solved Model papers

Language  :-  friendly readable Eng / Urdu

 Time :- 2012 , 2013 , 2014 , 2015 also the supplementary in these years 

Description of Computer Hardware :

Computer Hardware is some like a computer science but not complications as in other . This have maximum a basics and some major components . Especially a student of diploma  this hardware is useful and also internships in big franchise or hardware companies . This field is bit different from software student because the caliber of that student or course content is totally different . This based on computer basic parts e g Central processing unit CPU working . Some capacitors are used in CPU their physics relation , N-types and P-Type , some definitions about circuits , currents etc . You also learnt X-OR  X-NOT as well a short note on mouse , keyboard , types of computers about printers their types also their principles along with some history or perfect usage . The major purpose of this type of course is to give you know how about the hardware and to redesign the computer parts . After studying these content you also eligible to tackle your customer computers or repair parts of computer . Below have some guesses or old papers of different years as well in Urdu medium candidates .

Computer Hardware Guess Papers of FBISE NINTH class 2015

Computer Hardware 9th Class Past Papers of FBISE 2015

Computer Hardware Past Papers in URDU

Computer Hardware 9th Class SSC Part I Guess Solved Papers of Federal BOard 2015

Computer Hardware Subjective Past Years Papers

Computer Hardware Ninth Class Model Papers of FBISE 2015


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