General Science Past Guess Papers of 9th Class S S C Part 1 Federal Board 2015

Class :-  Ninth  Class 

Subject Name is  :- General Science 

About  :- Student depend Subject

   Level  : School ( 9 Class )   

Reference of education  :- Federal Board

Type:-  Solved  or Model papers of Annual exams of matriculation level

Languages  :- Different Translations with easy titles   

 Time periods of below samples papers :-    2014 , 2015 2016 along with guesses . 

General Science Paper Pattern 9th Class :

This Science is for the Arts students , and take it as a very difficult subject . But in this content a little mixture of bio , physics and chemistry are available . Different branches of sciences geology , zoology , botany etc studies Muslims scientists their inventions and works in progression of Physics and chemistry as well in medical field  , inventions of X – rays and ultra-sonic , ECG , EEG machines , diphtheria , tetanus or some viral and bacterial diseases .  Acids and bases or their uses , Solvay Ammonia Soda Process , electrodes , Gates (OR , NOR , Not)  , Thermal energy Solar energy , solar power , electromagnetic power rays , Forward biased diode and reversed biased diode . Some about nucleus biological hormones , human skeleton , structure of frog different topics as regards to biology . Chemical reaction , scientific processes their effects on the behavioral of human beings and the life of animals as chemist , or some branches of physician includes in this content .

Some papers of easy pattern of F B I S E are given below to help you in your preparation of annual examinations . This thing is sure that you will get 80 + percent marks if you focus on old or guess papers .

General Science Model Papers of 9th Class  F B I S E 2015


General Science Model Papers 9th Class F B I S E 2015

General Science in Urdu Language Objective Papers 2015

General Science Objective Past Papers 9th Class F B I S E 2015

 Science Old Papers of 9th Class  Federal Board 2015

General Science Guess Papers 9th Class F B I S E 2015 General Science URDU Past Years Papers 9th Class F B I S E 2015


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