Islamia College University Peshawar Acceptance Rate, Ranking (2024)

Islamia College University Peshawar Acceptance Rate, Ranking

This prestigious public university has an overall acceptance rate of about 70%. This indicates a bit
easy-going admission process for the applicants.

About Islamia College University Peshawar:

This university was first established in 1913 with a few students recruited at first and then the amount of students increased gradually. Then college was later transformed into a university when higher education jumped with a greater demand. The University has faculties for Botany, Zoology, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Social Sciences, Law, Arts, Language studies, and Management Sciences.

Ranking of Islamia College University Peshawar:

This university has an overall ranking of 11485 across the globe and between 601 and 650 among Asian universities.

Key Aspects Details
Undergraduate programs (BS) 60-70% acceptance rate
Postgraduate programs (MPhil/MS) 65-75% acceptance rate
Scholarships available Different types of scholarships are awarded to students
Social programs and initiatives available? Yes

Devotion to Key Founding Aspects:

  • Islamia College University Peshawar was designed on the model of Aligarh Muslim University and Oxford/Cambridge universities to promote Western education.
  • The founding aspects include a visionary educational outlook, aiming to provide high-quality education that aligns with global standards. The university strives to produce graduates who are intellectually equipped and socially responsible.
  • Academic excellence is a central founding principle. The university maintains rigorous academic standards, fostering an environment where students are challenged to achieve their highest potential.
  • Reflecting the rich cultural heritage of the region, Islamia College University Peshawar is founded on the principles of preserving and promoting cultural values, traditions, and diversity.
  • The university is founded on a student-centric approach, ensuring that the academic and extracurricular needs of students are prioritized. This includes providing support services, mentorship programs, and a conducive learning environment.

Admission Opening and Requirements:

This university opens admissions once a year in the Fall semester.

The major admission criteria for Islamia College University Peshawar require the following;

Requirements Criteria
FScĀ  Minimum required is 45%
Entry test Not required for BS admissions
Interview Not required for BS admissions

Is Islamia College University Peshawar Recognized by the Higher Education Commission?

Yes, ICUP is fully recognized by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan.

Is Islamia College University Peshawar a Good University?

This university holds a reputation for producing academically exceptional students and polishing young minds to seek the light of knowledge. The university is also ranked in a good position in Asia and in Pakistan.

How can I Check My Admission Status or Merit List for IUCP?

Applicants can check their admission status and merit lists on the official ICUP website. The lists are typically published on the admissions page.

Is there an Application Processing Fee for Islamia College University Peshawar?

Yes, there is usually an application processing fee for submitting admission forms. The amount is roughly around Rs. 1500 – 2000. The exact fee details for admissions of a particular year can be found in the admission announcements.

What Facilities are Available on Campus?

Facilities include libraries, labs, academic blocks, hostels, mosques, sports complexes, health clinics, cafeterias, auditoriums etc.


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