Mathematics Past / Guess Papers Federal board 2nd Year 2014

Subject Name : Mathematics

Class :   2nd Year – HSSC- 2

  Federal Board of Education

Time  : 2014

Type : Old / Guess paper

UseFul Information :- 

Mathematics is considered as a difficult subject among students . And students works very hard to give success in this subject . for this sake no doubt they studied hard even more than for their capabilities . Mathematics is different from other subjects . This wants more practice rather than other theory subjects . So this is the key to success if you give more time in practice as comparatively to learn. Mathematics is a compulsory subject of FA , F SC and other relevant course subjects of second year.

The pattern of other subjects and the choice strategy is also same in mathematics . The total marks of paper are 75 which includes multiple choices as well as short and long questions. The paper contains 15 correct the right answer also called MCQ’s in your objective . However , the subjective have short answers which are 14 given in your paper , you have a choice to attempt any ten (10) questions out of fourteen . The second major part of subjective is long part .In this part you will have to attempt five questions among seven .So you have a great choice in all section of paper of mathematics except in Multiple Choice answers.

Moreover , the Supplementary past paper of maths also given below , according to new or old pattern to follow the regulations of board.



Objective Paper of Mathematics 2nd Year

Maths objective HSSC 2 FBISEMaths Subjective HSSC part 2 

Past Paper of Maths HSSC-II FBISE 2014-2015

Supplementary Mathematics Objective 2nd year FBISEFederal Board 2014 Mathematics Inter

Mathematics Guess/Model paper Federal Board second year 2014 Maths 5 Year Past paper FBISE Intermediate 2014-2015 Supplementary Subjective Paper of Mathematics Federal Board HSSC Part 2 Mathematics Supplementary HSSC 2 FBISE


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