Physics Past Guess Papers of Matric 10 Class FBISE 2015

Subject Name : Physics 

Level : Matriculation

Class : Tenth  , SSC Part II

Year : 2013 / 2014 /2015

Board : FBISE / Federal Board

Language : Urdu / English

Type : Past Papers /  Samples Guess Model Pattern Papers

Physics Paper Pattern : –

Physics is a  pure science subject . The one interesting thing is the mostly student take it as a most difficult subject . In one educational survey  physics reached on most difficult subject as many candidates fail to pass this in one attempt . This survey conclude HSSC first year and second year as well .

In federal board final paper is little bit difficult , but the thing that point to note the paper mostly comes from your exercise book , the chapters questions and their exercise solve very carefully in terms of exams preparation .In case of numeric question you can also adopt these strategy . Moreover different equations , their formulas , Ohm ‘ s law , Faraday ‘ s law , magnetic flux , some principles ,  electric fields , intensity of sound , capacitors their working . As all along also prepared Gates OR , Nor , Not etc , working of voltmeters , galvanometers . Also don’t forget the difference between mutual induction and self induction , refraction of light , mirror focal length and focus length , frequency , conductors non -conductors are some important related topics .

The pattern of annual examinations will consists of twelve Multiple choices which total marks are also 12 .Besides this eleven Q ‘ s will attempt in section A and two 2 long Q ‘ s in last section of your physics paper . One more thing is the last portion which is long answers . In this all questions have A and B parts . 1st part is numerical and other is theory it might be possible that derive equations comes in your exams . After this paper the job is not fulfill because the practical is also a backbone of science subject . Without your practical you considered a fail and condition is to reappear in supplementary exams .

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