RMC (Rawalpindi Medical University) Acceptance Rate, Ranking (2024)

RMC (Rawalpindi Medical University) Acceptance Rate, Ranking

This renowned medical university has an overall acceptance rate of 15%. This university presents the most competitive and very tough selection process among all medical universities in Pakistan.

About RMC:

The foundation of this university was laid in 1974 primarily in Faisalabad and later transferred to Rawalpindi. RMC was a public sector college which later gained university status in 2017. This university has made its name as the most renowned and top-notch medical teaching and training institute. An estimated number of 3700 students are equipped with the knowledge and practical glance of Human medical aspects.

Ranking of RMC:

This university lies among the top five medical universities when categorized according to merit criteria. The university holds a strong position in the books of Times Higher Education. 

Acceptance Rate for MBBS, BDS, and DPT:

There is a variation in acceptance rate of universities in different disciplines of medical science.

The acceptance rate of some major fields are;

Key Aspects Details
MBBS 8% acceptance rate
BDS 11% acceptance rate
DPT 32% acceptance rate
Scholarships available Merit and need-based scholarships are available
Social programs and initiatives Yes

Devotion to Key Founding Aspects:

  • Research is a cornerstone of RMU’s founding principles. The university emphasizes the importance of medical research to advance knowledge, improve healthcare practices, and contribute to scientific innovation.
  • RMU is dedicated to addressing the healthcare needs of the community. Its founding aspects include a focus on community health, with programs and initiatives aimed at improving public health outcomes.
  • The founders of RMU prioritized the establishment of state-of-the-art facilities, including modern laboratories, lecture halls, and clinical training centers. These facilities support comprehensive medical education and practical training.
  • Founding aspects of RMU include a strong emphasis on clinical exposure for students. The university fosters partnerships with healthcare institutions, ensuring that students gain practical experience in real-world medical settings.
  •  The university is built on the foundation of a highly qualified and experienced faculty. RMU’s founders recognized the importance of having expert educators and researchers to impart knowledge and mentor future healthcare professionals.

Admission Opening and Requirements:

This university admits students once a year after the test of MDCAT is conducted. This university has an exponentially high number of applicants as compared to the seats available.

The major admission criteria for RMC University requires the following;

Requirements Criteria
Matric Minimum required is 80%
FSc (Part-1) Minimum required is 70% for BS admission
MDCAT Entry test  Minimum required is 80% score

What Programs Does Rawalpindi Medical University Offer?

RMU offers a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs in medicine, surgery, nursing, and allied health sciences. The programs are designed to provide a holistic education in healthcare.

Does Rawalpindi Medical University Have a Teaching Hospital?

Yes, RMU is affiliated with multiple teaching hospitals like Holy Family Hospital, Benazir Bhutto Hospital, and District Headquarters Hospital, Rawalpindi.

What Are The Major Factors Taken into Consideration for Selection by RMC?

1) Academic excellence 

RMC places a strong emphasis on academic performance. Applicants with high grades and standardized test scores are more likely to be accepted.

2) MDCAT scores 

RMC requires applicants to submit scores from the Medical and Dental College Admission Test (MDCAT). The minimum required score is 80% for selection.

What are the merit Calculation Criteria for RMC?

RMC follows the following selection criteria based on the following percent of marks in relevant degree programs;

  • Matric: 10%
  • FSc: 40%
  • MDCAT: 50%


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