Wood Working and Furniture Making Past Guess Papers of 10 Class Matric FBISE 2014 -15

Standard :-  10th Class Matric  (Last Year of School) 

Paper Name :-  Wood Working and Furniture Making 

   Level  : Simple Tenth Class / Arts (Practical) subject

Reference :- Federal Education Board

Category:-Old  Papers ,  Solved  or sample papers of Exams

Languages Translation  :-  English and Urdu 

Years / Time Period :-  2013 , 2014 , 2015 as well supply students ..

Description :-

This subject is quite interesting and useful content . Its all about trees , plants and the use of their wood . This is basically how to work with wood and make a occupation make some handicrafts , with the help of different machines make some wooden chairs , tables some dressing tables , set of dining , sofa set , some attracting stands of electronics are made up of the wood from different trees . The important thing that you studied what kind of trees is useful or many are ridiculous just rubbish material , better to use in the burnt process . How to cut the wood  , which is the best weapons hammer etc how to use it . As all these the tricks that you should adopt to polish in woods or easy ways that you make furniture in professional way .

Wood Working and Furniture Making New paper pattern :-

These strategy you can lean by selecting Furniture making . The paper is not difficult but surely you need some guess and past helps in final exams . The paper pattern is same as in Welding the obj part contains 8 eight Choose the correct one . However six 6 Q ‘ s in section B and 2 two theory answer should attempt in last category . Best of luck !!! Following are some papers ..

 Wood Working and Furniture Making Objective Old Model Papers of Tenth Class Federal Board 2014 -15

Wood Working and Furniture Making  Past Guess Papers of FBISE 2015Wood Working and Furniture Making in URDU Past Year Papers of FBISE Matric SSC Part II 2014 -15
Wood Working and Furniture Making  Model Papers of Federal Board 2015Wood Working and Furniture Making  10th Class Federal Board Model Papers of 2014 -15
Wood Working and Furniture Making  5 Years Past Papers of FBISE 2015


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