Islamic Studies Ikhtayari Guess Paper Federal board second Year 2014-2015

Course Name : Islamic  Studies 

Level :   2nd Year –2nd  Year

Board : Federal Education

Year : 2014 annual paper

Type : Guess pape


 The  Islamic Study (Ikhtiari) is not compulsory subject  for all students of intermediate . They have depend on student choice either he / she selected Islamiat Conditional as for his subject or refers other subjects as comparatively. Islamiat Studies (Ikhtayari) paper  is divided into two parts objective and second one  is subjective . In  first part there are twenty question given in your objective paper which further have two parts . In first part 10 incircle the correct answers and other ten MCQ’s which contain Arabic words meanings   in which you circle the correct one , each  have four options and you circle the correct one  .  The next part of paper that the Fed. Board  divide is the subjective type in which it has two categories . Short questions and Brief questions . In both categories there is also choice of attempting the paper .

Objective of Islamic Study Ikhtayari HSSC 2

2nd year islamic (condition) objectiveObject Paper of Islamiat (in English)
FBISE Islamic study Objective 2014 Islamiat paper federal board 2014

Subjective of Islamic Studies Federal Board HSSC 2

islamic study federal board 2014 subjective type



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