Computer Hardware Past Guess Papers of SSC Part 2 Matric FBISE 2014

Class name  :- SSC  II / Tenth

   Subject /  Course  : Computer Hardware

Edu.. Board :- Federal  

Category:-  Not  Lazmi

Time Period :- 2014

                                        Level :- Old ,  Sample papers , helpful for exams. 

New Paper Pattern of Computer Hardware : –

Computer Hardware is not like a Computer science subject , the major difference between them is the Com. Science is a science subject which have some compulsory subjects as you know physics and chemistry . However , in computer hardware this is not the requirement . This is because it is a humanities subject . In this course you learnt different Operating System OS , parts of computers , Central Processing Unit ( C P U ) components  including modems , RAM , ROM etc all these are the part of your course .

Good news for the visitors of all subjects that we are providing you all kinds of papers . Also their translated objectives and subjective as well . Urdu medium and English medium candidates both can get benefit for it .

Your paper contains just eight 8 choose the correct answers . Besides this subjective have eight Q ‘ s and three 3 questions given in last section . After all these , don’t forget your practical paper which decides whether you passed or regret they suffered from supply .

Computer Hardware Old Model Papers of 10th Federal Board 2014-15

annual exam of computer hardware matric SSC part 2 2014 fbise

Computer Hardware Past Objective Papers of 10th SSC Part II Federal Board 2014-15

Computer Hardware Guess paper of Matric federal Board 2014

Computer Hardware past Years Supplementary Papers of Matric 10th FBISE 2014

Computer Science Old paper of SSC part 2 2014


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