Economics Past Guess Papers of 9th Class SSC Part 1 Federal Board 2015

Standard :-  9th  Class 

Subject Name is  :- Economics 

About  :- Student Choice Subject

   Level  : School ( Ninth Class )   

Reference of  :- F B I S E  / Federal Board

Type:-  Solved  or sample Old  papers of Annual examination

Languages  :- Different Translations with easy titles   

 Time durations :-    2014 , 2015 2016 . 

Economics Paper Pattern 9th Class :

Economics is very profession based subject . In this course a little bit marketing is involved according to some author . Yeah of course its not a marketing subject but it requires these content . Especially if you continue this in inter mediate level or B SC / M SC level . This have a grand branch , a very scope holder subject . Many professors are doing good job who have masters in Economics  . What is economics ? Firstly when you elected the question sudden comes in your mind . The answer of this question is its all about money , income or salary . All related to money a basic requirement of a common man , its income , a supply , the consumption of peoples . Also study economics needs or wants , What is the need of a human and what they can tolerate . Production , price , enterprises , steps of laborers , development of business , growth  are some  important short answers .  The full info of the paper and proper guidelines and full pattern are available according to Federal board students demand . So lets start studies .. the time is so limited .

 Economics Model Papers of ninth Class Federal Board


Economics in Urdu SSC Part 1 9th Class FBISE Past Guess Papers 2015

Economics in URDU Past Years Papers of ninth Class Federal Board

Economics SSC Part 1 Federal Board Model Papers 2015 Economics 9th Class FBISE Guess  Papers 2015

Economics in Urdu Subjective of Annual Examination SSC 1 FBISE

Economics SSC Part 1 FBISE Past Papers 2015


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