Electrical Wiring Past Old Papers of 9th SSC 1 Federal Board 2015

Paper of Class :-  9th  Class 

Subject Name is  :-Electrical Wiring

About  :- Not compulsory course depend whether you select or not

   Level  : Higher School (a practical subject )

Reference board of  Education :- F B I S E  

Type:- Sample , Past papers

Languages  :- Different Translations with easy titles   

 Period :-    2014 , 2015 2016 , supplementary or guess papers included as well  

Electrical Wiring Paper Pattern 9th Class :

The course of this subject is slightly looks like a physics however its not a science subject but its mostly topics matched with it . Actually the electrical is bit easy as compared to physics . But also some complications exists in this course and students feels difficulty in it . Some important topics are difference between the wire and cable , short note on different topics e.g resistance , magnetic flux , analogue meter , earthing  , laws of series circuits  , secondary cells , nucleus of a cell , know how about parallel circuits , short circuits , voltmeter , galvanometer , Ohms law , Faraday ‘ s laws are important in subjective or objectives paper as well . Different past model papers are given with the full new pattern of your official board.

 Electrical Wiring Model Papers of  9 Class  F B I S E


Electrical Wiring SSC Part 1 Federal Board 9th Class Past Papers 2015Electrical Wiring in Urdu Past Years Papers of  Ninth Class Electrical Wiring SSC Part 1 Federal Board Solved Model Papers 2015 Total Marks are 32 of section B & C respectively  Electrical Wiring SSC Part 1 Federal Board   Papers 2015


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