English Past Guess Papers of 9th Class SSC Part I Federal Board 2015

Annual Exam of  :-  Ninth  Class 

Subject Name is  :- English Compulsory

About  :- a literature subject

   Level  : School ( S S C Part I )   

Reference   :- Federal Board of Education  (recognized by H E C)

Type  :-  Solved  or sample / Guess papers / Supply of final examination

Languages  :- only English because its a literature subject    

 Time Periods :-    2014 , 2015 , 2016 and important papers of all the times . 

English Compulsory Paper Pattern of 9th Class :-

English is a literature subject just like Urdu which also a language subject . However English is a International language that is why it is more important to learn and study it as a compulsory subject . In this course you have to prepared essays on different topics mostly the current affairs or personalities are hot favorite topics . Applications and letters are also exists in your course . Some poems or stanzas , different phrasal verbs , question and their answers which comes from your official book , so be careful about the chapters of your text book . In English B book majority portion is objective e .g types of sentences , phrases , verbs ,adverbs , nouns , pronouns , all parts of speech are important i  n terms of multiple choices . Moreover over cutting is consider the  wrong answer . So if you mark wrong answer it will be equal to over writing answer . The different papers of English compulsory and English Literature past guess papers of Federal board are below , which helps to achieve A + grade in this subject .

 English compulsory Federal Board Model Papers of ninth 2015

English Past papers of SSC I FBISE 2015Subjective Paper of English SSC 1
English Guess papers of 9th Class FBISE 2015
English Compulsory Objective Papers of 9th Class FBISE 2015
English Five Years Past papers of SSC Part I Federal Board 2015

English 9th Class Supplementary Old Papers of FBISE 2015

English Solved Past papers of Ninth Class SSC I FBISE 2015Objective Paper of English 9 Federal board total Marks 15
time : 20 minutes
English Old papers of 9th FBISE 2015 English Past Guess papers of SSC Part 1 Class 9th FBISE 2015English Elective / Literature Five Years Past Papers of 9th Class Federal Board 2015
English Literature Past papers of SSC Part I 9th Class FBISE 2015Remaining Part of  obj ..English Literature Objective Papers of 9th Class FBISE Federal Board 2015English Elective Past Guess Papers of 9th Class SSC Part I FBISE 2015
English Literature Guess Model papers of  9th Class FBISE 2015


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