Outlines of Home Economics Old/Model Papers Federal board 2nd Year 2014

Sub : Outlines of Home Economics

Class :   Second year II 

Paper:  Federal Board

Time  : 2014

Type : Past / Model Paper

 Information :-

Home Economics is a subject of humanities  or Arts . We have all kinds of paper URDU TRANSLATION , SUPPLEMENTARY , or ENGLISH TRANSLATIONS as well . The paper is similar and follow same pattern of Federal Education . The final exam of Home Economics contains all objects Multiple choice in Urdu medium students as well as English medium . Both get benefit for our services and our aim to improve your grades , and provides you all guess papers , old papers , five 5 years guess papers . model papers which help you in the preparation of examination . These all things you get it from this web-site at free of cost .


Objective of Home Economics Federal Board 2 Year


Outlines of Home Economics 2 year FederalUrdu Objective Home Economics HSSc 2
Outlines of Home Economics Objective 2 year Federal

Subjective of Home Economics 2nd Year FBISE

Outlines of Home Economics Subjective 2nd year


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