Radiographic Techniques Past/Old Papers 2nd Year Federal Board 2013

Level :   Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC Part 2 )

Subject Name  : Radio graphic Techniques 

Paper:  Federal Education

Time  : ( All Past Papers )

Type : Past/Old Papers

Description :-  

Radio graphic Techniques  is a subject of Inter level .It have all about the technology , different radio techniques , rays comes from planets or other things. The instruments that use for treatment  in human body , different techniques  are use for this purpose also called Radio graphic . You also learnt about different instruments x-rays and bio Machines. How they works? or their parts and how to control or manage them , Its all Radio graphic Techniques  .

Paper View :

The paper is slightly long as compared other. The paper have thirty one 31 short Q / Ans , and have five Long parts. Moreover , it also have twenty 20 Choose the Correct Answers.

Attention :-

The Paper is very lengthy so its your duty that how manage your time , because time is very limited and the task is looking so difficult. So you have to adopt the strategy . The answer of any question may not be exceed more than three to four 3-4 lines. So do not waste your time if you feels that any question will may create problem , so just neglect these questions.

Objective of Radio graphic Techniques Past Paper HSSC Part 2 FBISE


Radiographic Techniques Model Paper HSSC II 2013 Radiographic Techniques 2nd Year Past Paper FBISE 2013

Radiographic Techniques Subjective Old Paper /Model Paper HSCC-II FBISE

Radiographic Techniques Old Papers Second Year Federal Board 2013


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